City University London

City University London is a leading global University committed to academic excellence, focused on business and the professions and located in the heart of London. City has over 100 years of research experience and has been consistently highly ranked in the top 5% of universities in the world according to The Times Higher Education World University Rankings 2011. Over 80% of our submitted research is recognized as being of international in quality and the 2008 Research Assessment Exercise (RAE) identified 15 areas of academic activity where our research was assessed as achieving world-leading quality in terms of originality, significance and rigour. Its mission, as outlined in its Strategy, is to lead London in education, research and knowledge transfer for businesses and the professions. It had a total income of £178.5 million in 2009/10, of which £8 million was from research grants and contracts. City University has proven expertise in systems and control and measurements & instrumentation focusing on experimental and theoretical research from the early 1970s. The Systems and Control Centre manages this project and has expertise in control systems design, control of complex systems, systems integration, signal processing, lifecycle analysis, safety reliability, maintenance, and risk. The Instrumentation and Sensors Centre focuses on measurement and instrumentation, machine vision, biomedical engineering, photonics, and computer aided modelling and design. CITY attracts support to promote engagement with industry in both basic and applied research and in advanced systems design, aiming for excellence in meeting current challenges in systems integration, sensing, reliability, safety and control from industry through novel development and applications in relevant methodologies and technologies. The vision of the Centre is the expansion of international excellence and relevance to stakeholders, bringing expertise to bear on niche industrial problems.


Thermal Vision is a well-known service company providing thermography inspections throughout all industries. Thermal Vision was established in 1998 in the Republic of Ireland. Their experience in Infrared Thermography covers a very wide range of applications not only in electrical installations, but also in other important areas like furnaces, reactors, buildings, pipelines, chimney stacks, bearings, steam lines, etc. The well-qualified personnel has worked extensively in electrical thermography, buildings and civil applications and has assisted in many R&D projects. They have written a number of thermography specifications for insurance companies in Ireland and the UK, and worked closely with their risk managers and taught them how to interpret a thermography report. The company provides services and solutions in the field of non-destructive testing and evaluation (NDT&E) of materials and structures. They cover the whole range of activity from fundamental scientific studies to the transfer of technology to industry with extended and complementary thermography-related specialities such as Electrical thermography, Mechanical thermography, Civil thermography, R&D thermography, Building thermography, Process and product evaluation and Quality control thermography.

Global Digital Technologies

Global Digital Technologies (GDT S.A) established in 1994 and since 1999 the company has focused on design services for communication and embedded network systems. In 2001 a branch hosting the digital communications systems design center was established in Athens, Greece. GDT S.A offers design and consultancy services for multimedia communications systems and microelectronics, specializing in video compression and embedded networked systems. The portfolio encompasses high technology products ranging from Silicon Intellectual Property cores to complete chip and system level solutions. Moreover the company has established a reliable international supply chain, ranging from ASIC back-end design to fast prototype manufacturing and qualification tests. Integrated development boards are available for evaluation/verification of our IP cores, together with a rich set of software APIs as well as low-level programming tools, always up to complete embedded hardware/software reference applications. The company holds an extensive experience in analysis, modeling, development and prototyping of complex digital systems for embedded platforms, and can deliver advanced solutions in any level(s) of the design flow including: Specifications capture, complexity analysis, System level modeling, performance study, Architecture optimization, HW/SW partitioning, Silicon development (from RTL description to gate level netlist production), Synthesis and optimization process for VLSI (FPGA, ASIC) technologies, SoC Integration, Board level prototyping/PCB design (multi layer, fine pitch, BGA, high speed) and System level verification, small volume production. GDT S.A commits on complete integration and customization support as well as collaborative application development in order to fully tailor solutions to accommodate customers diverse needs and reduce the time involved in entering the market.

Novocaptis Cognitive

Novocaptis Cognitive, in Thessaloniki, Greece, is a member of the Association of Information Technology Companies of Northern Greece and apart of its business connections it has strong links to the Greek academic and research community as well as to international partners. Its vision is to provide cutting-edge products and services in the areas of service and consumer robotics, ambient intelligence, ambient assisted living, environmental applications, education and entertainment markets. The founding members of NOVOCAPTIS COGNITIVE have many years work experience in academic, research and industrial organisations in Greece and abroad, expertise in system development and integration tasks as well as in software engineering. Other skills include the development of cognitive and intelligent architectures for the robotic, cognitive systems and ambient intelligence areas; engineering skills in developing systems in the micro scale; target tracking; computational vision and others. Its strategy is based on developing new and expanding current competences in three core areas of interest: Robotic Embodiments, Sensor Technology and Monitoring Applications and Intelligent and Cognitive Systems. NOVOCAPTIS COGNITIVE has also participated to other research programs such as Darwin Project (Dexterous Assembler Robot Working with Embodied Intelligence (DARWIN) , EU FP7 STREP) and ATLAS EXPERIMENT (ATLAS Wireless Personal Supervision System,, CERN - ATLAS).


Established in 2000, ATOUTVEILLE is a French private company which provides technology-watch services in the field of materials made of polymers and composites. The main field of ATOUTVEILLE 's expertise is to collect and analyze data on raw materials, technologies, machinery or tools used of process these materials. In the framework of its activity, ATOUTVEILLE plays a key role in the process of innovation for companies (OEMs, subcontractors, molders, etc) which use or manufacture plastic and composite parts or with companies which want to exploit potentialities of plastics and composites. ATOUTVEILLE works for several industrial sectors like automotive, construction, electrical components, space and aeronautics, transportation, etc.

Robotics Society in Finland

Robotics Society in Finland is nonprofit organization and was founded 1983  as an entrepreneurship support center for development of SMEs, active in the field of robotics and automation industries to promote, business, research, training and course material publishing. Robotics Society in Finland now incorporates 380 members: 35 legal entities (SMEs, universities, and research organizations) and 345 professionals (representatives of SMEs).The members meet on semi-annual base to discuss the activities, planned or current projects and seminars. Robotics Society in Finland operates also a quartile newsletter. Robotics Society in Finland has been co-operating in research with Tampere University of Technology. The recent research topics have been covering service robotics for new concepts with ordinary citizens. The main activities of Robotics Society in Finland include research and training project management consultations, preparation of project applications for Finnish government / TEKES Organization and European funds and financial instruments, fostering international technology transfer by means of networking events and training courses. The Society also publishes training material in the field of robotics in Finland. Robotics Society in Finland promotes robotics in Finland for Finnish industries by arranging seminars and excursions for robotics professionals, collecting statistics of robot usage, publishing books and articles, and promoting research activity.

Centre for Research and Technology Hellas

The Centre for Research and Technology Hellas, CE.R.T.H., the largest research center in Northern Greece, (founded in 2000).  CERTH is a non-profit organization reporting to the General Secretariat for Research and Technology (GSRT) of the Greek Ministry of Education.  As of January 23rd, 2013, the Center for Research & Technology –Thessaly (CE.RE.TE.TH.) merged with CERTH and now is an autonomous institute of CERTH with the name Institute for Research and Technology –Thessaly, I.RE.TE.TH. I.RE.TE.TH has four major departments: i) Mechatronics, ii) Agrotechnology, iii) Biomedicine and iv) Kinesiology/Rehabilitation.  Main mission is to conduct basic, applied, and technological research leading to new products and services with industrial, economic and social impact and support the R&D needs of local, national and European industrial and public institutions. Moreover, I.RE.TE.TH. focuses on bringing together scientists from different disciplines in an environment with advanced technological capabilities dealing with pressing research topics, as well as solving complex problems which affect the quality of life, the environment, and the economic development of Central Greece. IRETETH has a total of 42 running FP7 projects (more than12 million Euros), 26 National  about to 5.5 million Euro and privately funded research/services amounting to 2.5 million Euro.  It also has more than 10 projects under negotiation. Since its inception, IRETETH has managed over 84 European and National competitive programs, with a turnover of over 20 million Euro. The current project is undertaken by the Biomechanics and Interdisciplinary Research unit that has worked on more than 12 FP7 projects and has 8 new about to start.

Ateknea Solutions

Ateknea Solutions brings together four research and innovation companies operating at a European level for over 15 years. The group pools the expertise and know-how of more than 130 professionals working in 5 different locations: Barcelona, Brussels, Budapest, Krakow and Valetta. Ateknea Solutions offers tailor-made services for innovation, with expertise in a wide range of engineering and scientific areas, supported by professionals in project management and coordination at a European level.